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FlowerLeaf Promo Photo 2023



The metal band FlowerLeaf originated in 2017 when founding members Vivs Takahashi and Marcelo Kaczorowsky decided to initiate the project in São Paulo, Brazil, prior to their planned relocation to Germany. Even without a complete lineup in Brazil, they recorded the album "Stronger" with the assistance of the producer and guitarist Raphael Gazal.

Released in 2018, "Stronger" was well-received, featuring singles like "Firesoul" and "Girl in Pearls." Following their moving to Germany in 2019 and with the addition of Florian Mathes to the drums, the band  embarked on their first tour in the country, earning a spot at the FemME - Female Metal Event in the Netherlands.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020, FlowerLeaf released two versions of the song "We Will Stand," collaborating with global artists. The group continued their activities, releasing singles and music videos in 2022 as the beginning of the "Dreamerie" project.

In 2023, FlowerLeaf delivered notable performances, opening for Xandria in Essen and participating in shows and festivals in Germany and Belgium, and the band was invited to open for Anna Kiara's first European solo tour. In 2024, now with Luca-Schulte-Kellinghaus on the guitar, the band started the year with their first European tour, supporting for Serenity and Temperance.

The influence of the new members is reflected in the band's sonic evolution, evident in tracks like "Sandman" and "Stargazers," already integrated into their live shows. Looking ahead, FlowerLeaf plans to perform at festivals and embark on a tour in 2025, in addition to releasing new studio works.

The first chapter of the ambitious "Dreamerie" project, the book of dreams, is the album "Dreamerie - The Prelude," scheduled for streaming release in 2024. Meanwhile, the album "Dreamerie" is in early production with a planned release for 2025. "Dreamerie - The Prelude" serves as an introduction to the book, narrating stories of dreams, goals, nightmares, and delusions. Inspired by fairy tales and stories like Neil Gaiman's "Sandman," Hollow Knight, among others, the lyrics are inspired by Vivs' "real" dreams, exploring themes of hope, suffering, frustrations, despair, and destiny.


Vivs Takahashi - vocal
Marcelo Kaczorowsky - bass
Florian Mathes - drums
Luca Schulte-Kellinghaus - guitar